Projecting Denver Broncos Awards, from MVP to Most Exciting Player

Which Denver Broncos player will be MVP in 2023? Most exciting?

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Most Valuable Coach

Most Valuable Coach. . . Sean Payton. HC. player. . Head Coach. Sean Payton. 45

The most obvious award was the most valuable coach, as Sean Payton has had an impact on the organization since day one. The culture he has established has been paramount and he is doing it the old-school way. By being a Bill Parcells disciple, he has brought a lot of those same philosophies over to Denver.

From having a physical training camp to playing starters in the preseason, the culture has shifted a ton, and for the better. Payton will provide an enormous upgrade, relative to play-calling, in the season and game management. The new head coach will have a positive impact in his first year and guide this team to their first playoff game since 2015.

Top Coaching Addition

OL. 45. Top Rookie Coach. . Offensive Line Coach. . Zach Strief. player. . Zach Strief

Another fun award I decided to give out was the best coaching addition. Since there is a new coaching staff in town, it'll be interesting to see who has an immediate impact, besides Payton. Zach Strief, the current offensive line coach, will earn this award.

We can expect the offensive line to be much improved this year after the disaster that occurred last season. Butch Barry, who is now the OL coach for the Miami Dolphins, ran the position group into the ground as the players had a massive decline in performance. With Strief as the new OL coach, this unit should be much better. Paton boosted the line in free agency and acquired RT Mike McGlinchey and LG Ben Powers. With the guidance of Strief, the offensive line play will be much improved.