Predicting the Denver Broncos starting offense in 2024

Let's try to predict the Denver Broncos in 2024.

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Running Back: Alvin Kamara

One of the best Sean Payton draft picks of his NFL tenure, Alvin Kamara could find himself on a new team in 2024, and why not with the coach that drafted him in the first place? Kamara is one of the best dual-threat running backs this century and is exactly the type of player that could help a rookie QB's development in the NFL.

The Saints, yet again, are in "cap hell" as some have put it, and will have to at some point shed some contracts instead of restructuring over and over. Kamara turns 29 this summer and rushed for the second-lowest yards per tote of his career. The 2023 season was also the least amount of rushing yards he's ever had in the NFL and the least total scrimmage yards. Kamara may be declining, but he still did have over 1,100 yards from scrimmage and clearly had a big role in the Saints' offense.

Even though he might not be as explosive as he once was, I think Sean Payton would love one more chance to work with him. And the Broncos do need to add some juice to the backfield. Javonte Williams was pretty bad in 2023 and it's a bit puzzling why Jaleel McLaughlin didn't get more touches on offense.

Tight End: Hunter Henry

I feel very confident that the Broncos will make a notable veteran tight end addition in 2024. What's funny is that Noah Fant is a free agent and turns 27 in 2024, so he's not old and is a solid receiving tight end. Fant was drafted by the Broncos in 2019 and was sent over to the Seattle Seahawks as part of the Russell Wilson trade.

And it's especially funny when you consider how poor the Broncos' tight end room was in the receiving game in 2023. Fant would fill a huge need for the Broncos, but part of me doesn't think that the two sides have much interest in each other. Would Noah Fant really turn to the team that traded him away for a then 33-year-old QB who was in decline? Someone who could be cheaper and perhaps more productive is Hunter Henry, who just spent the last three years with the New England Patriots. Henry has caught 133 passes and 17 touchdowns over the last three seasons.