Predicting new teams for Denver Broncos players in 2024

Where will these Broncos players end up in 2024?

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2. Jerry Jeudy - Carolina Panthers

I think an obvious fit for Jerry Jeudy is on the Carolina Panthers in 2024. The Broncos picked up the fifth-year option for Jeudy, and that number is just under $13 million. Since it's the fifth-year option, by trading Jeudy, the Broncos would save all of that money, so they'd save roughly $13 million more on their 2024 cap number. Jeudy has largely underperformed for the Broncos since being drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft.

He had 1,000 scrimmage yards last year, but saw his receiving production dip this year. I think at this point, Jeudy should be viewed as a quality WR2, and the Carolina Panthers need to add as much talent as possible to their WR room, as rookie QB Bryce Young was truly throwing to deck furniture and lawn chairs in 2023.

For years now, I think we have seen a ton of excuses thrown Jeudy's way as to why he has not produced at a high enough level. Frankly, Jeudy might not be the wide receiver that some think he is. For the sake of the rest of his career and maximizing his skillset, a fresh start is what the Denver Broncos and Jeudy himself should strive for.

As for trade compensation, I don't think the Broncos could get more than a fourth-round pick. That might be worth it over keeping him on the roster, and this projected WR class in the 2024 NFL Draft is quite deep.