Predicting new homes for Denver Broncos who could be traded at the deadline

The Denver Broncos might be sellers at the trade deadline.
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2. Jerry Jeudy - Carolina Panthers

Reports have been swirling that the Carolina Panthers want to add a legitimate player at WR to help out Bryce Young. They seem to want to double down on Young this year and give him the absolute best chance to succeed, which is smart of them to do. However, there may not be much out there for Carolina to pick from.

Mike Evans was seen as a trade deadline candidate, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently 3-1 and leading their division. Davante Adams apparently wants to stay on Las Vegas long-term, and even though the Cincinnati Bengals were not able to extend Tee Higgins this past offseason, there's been no indication that they'd consider moving him.

Honestly, the most realistic option for the Panthers is Jeudy, who is still just 24 years old and has two more years of team control, since the Denver Broncos picked up his fifth-year option. Perhaps this is even a trade where the Broncos could try and leverage a defensive player from Carolina if they are desperate enough for WR help.

3. Courtland Sutton - Baltimore Ravens

Apparently, the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens nearly had a trade agreement done for Courtland Sutton in the offseason, but Denver backed out. Well, they could always revisit that, right? The Ravens are 3-1 and have already been bitten by the injury bug.

And while Lamar Jackson is playing good football, the Ravens have the sixth-fewest passing yards in the NFL this year. Their passing attack clearly is not where it needs to be under new offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, and as you can probably guess, their WR corps isn't all that special.

Sutton would arguably be the most talented player in that room if he was moved from Denver. This would make a ton of sense for both sides, I think. When you consider that Baltimore apparently wanted Sutton, why wouldn't they still have interest? The Ravens look to be the clear favorites in the AFC North, but the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns have enough talent to keep pace.