Predicting new homes for Denver Broncos who could be traded at the deadline

The Denver Broncos might be sellers at the trade deadline.
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A loss in Week 5 versus the New York Jets could force the Denver Broncos to begin selling some players before the trade deadline. Let's try to predict where some of these players could end up. It might be the end of the road for a few players currently on the Denver Broncos.

Discussion has been sparked on social media about who the Broncos could potentially trade if they decide to be sellers at the deadline. Well, Week 5 versus the New York Jets will be a huge indicator of where the Broncos stand to be. Being 1-4 after Sunday with two games versus the Kansas City Chiefs still on the schedule likely means this team sells.

Getting to 2-3, however, might be a different story. It's clear that Denver's offense is in a good spot. Their offense can surely go toe-to-toe with the Chiefs' unit, at least based on what we've seen in 2023. They also face the Green Bay Packers at home. Green Bay is pretty average thus far in 2023.

Well, if the Denver Broncos are active in trading players at the deadline, let's try to guess the new homes for the players who are most likely to be shopped.

Predicting new homes for Denver Broncos who could be traded at the deadline

1. Justin Simmons - Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have the sixth-worst passing defense in the NFL. They have allowed opposing quarterbacks to throw for 1,043 yards, nine touchdowns, and two interceptions against them. That's almost identical production to Russell Wilson this year. Well, the Eagles are still clearly a great team and have raced out to a 4-0 start.

The scary part is that Philly has not played nearly as well as they can, so they do have a good bit to improve on. Well, GM Howie Roseman has proven to be an aggressive GM in trying to constantly improve his roster, so I don't see how that would change at the bye week.

Justin Simmons gives them an instant boost in the secondary and also sends him out of the conference, which is surely something Denver would prefer. Simmons' current contract runs through 2024.