Predicting landing spots for Broncos free agents in 2024

The Denver Broncos have a number of notable free agents in 2024. Where are they landing?

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2. Kareem Jackson, Safety: Houston Texans

One of the Denver Broncos' most notable free agents is veteran safety Kareem Jackson. Jackson has been suspended multiple times in the 2023 season for Denver because of the league's stance on player safety, and Jackson's apparent inability to follow those guidelines.

Jackson has pretty consistently stated that he wants to play 15 seasons, and next year would be his 15th. Although I think the market could be limited for an older safety who keeps getting in trouble with the league, I also think one of Jackson's former teammates could come to bat for him.

Jackson played in Houston with DeMeco Ryans, the former linebacker who is now the head coach of the team. I think that's a logical pairing in free agency.

3. Mike Purcell: Miami Dolphins

Although Mike Purcell is a Colorado native and has done a pretty good job for the Broncos, I could see Denver going with a complete overhaul of their defensive line in 2024. If Purcell hits free agency, I think he's looking at year-to-year propositions and one of the most logical landing spots would be in Miami.

There are already a lot of former Broncos in Miami, but the most notable connection here is Vic Fangio. The Dolphins could snag Purcell to come in and be a part-time player tasked with helping them defend against the run.