Predicting landing spots for Denver Broncos trade candidates

- Justin Simmons to Philly?

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- Predicting Denver Broncos trade candidate landing spots

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Justin Simmons: Philadelphia Eagles

Seeing Justin Simmons leave the Denver Broncos will be absolutely heart-breaking if it happens. Simmons has been such a good player for the Broncos since he came on board back in 2016, but the Broncos have unfortunately been nothing but bad in that timeframe.

Thankfully, Simmons has been able to earn some individual accolades over that timeframe, including three All-Pro selections. He's got 27 career interceptions with the Denver Broncos and is one of the most productive defensive backs in the franchise's lengthy and storied history.

If Simmons is on the trade block, I could see any number of contending teams trying to come and get him from the Broncos, but we know how aggressive Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman can be.

The Eagles have multiple second-round picks, four fifth-round picks, and a loaded roster besides. They are currently loaded up with 10 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft to play with, and there's no way 10 rookies are making that roster next year. We know the Eagles love to invest draft capital in veteran players and I think they could get Justin Simmons for a reasonable price from Denver, but also I think Simmons would present some good value to the Broncos.

The Eagles already traded for Broncos tight end Albert Okwuegbunam at roster cuts. Roseman and George Paton have come together on deals in the past as well, including the Kary Vincent Jr. trade back in 2021.

I really like the idea of the Eagles adding Simmons to their secondary and I'll bet Senior Advisor Matt Russell -- previously second in command to John Elway in the Denver Broncos front office -- would feel the same type of way. It's hard to gauge Simmons's value in a trade given his age (30), but because he has another year on his deal in 2024, I could see the Broncos ultimately getting 3rd-round value or better for him.

I'm actually not quite sure where to project Simmons, but he's a valuable player and asset to the Broncos, so I don't think they will get disrespected in a trade.

Prediction: 3rd round value