Predicting landing spots for Denver Broncos trade candidates

- Justin Simmons to Philly?

- Josey Jewell reunited with Von Miller?

- Predicting Denver Broncos trade candidate landing spots

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Josey Jewell: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins

It's been a pretty tough year for the Buffalo Bills so far at the linebacker position. In the offseason, they let former first-round pick Tremaine Edmunds walk in free agency, signing with the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, they also just lost starter Matt Milano to a season-ending injury.

Those two losses have paved the way for a potential line of communication to open up between Buffalo and Denver when it comes to a possible Josey Jewell trade. And it feels like the writing has been on the wall for a Josey Jewell trade for some time now. The Broncos re-signed Alex Singleton in the offseason to a three-year deal, and they also used a third-round pick on Drew Sanders.

Although Sanders is raw, the Broncos could look to give him a trial by fire and throw him to the wolves as a rookie, preparing him for what will ultimately likely be a full-time role in 2024 anyway. Josey Jewell is a smart player and has proven himself to be a quality player when healthy. The Bills would be getting an experienced veteran and Jewell would be reuniting with his old teammate Von Miller there in Buffalo's defense.

If not Buffalo, I think you could see Vic Fangio having some interest in bringing Josey Jewell back. Jewell was a starter in Fangio's defense for a handful of seasons and if the Dolphins want to make a move at inside linebacker, they would also be able to reunite Jewell with a number of his former Denver Broncos comrades, including Fangio and Bradley Chubb.

Ultimately, I think the Broncos will be able to get "something" for Jewell, who has a team-friendly (but expiring) contract.

Prediction: 5th-6th round value