Predicting the first-round picks for each of the Broncos' AFC West rivals

Who are the Broncos' rivals taking in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Kansas City Chiefs (32nd overall): Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon; or best OT available

The Kansas City Chiefs could go a couple of directions with their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, at least from my seat.

The top direction, as has been speculated since they traded Tyreek Hill, is possibly the wide receiver position. The Chiefs could be looking at a number of viable first-round wide receiver candidates with the 32nd overall pick, including Oregon Ducks speedster Troy Franklin.

Maybe the Broncos will draft the guy who threw him passes the past couple of seasons...

The Rashee Rice situation with Kansas City right now is really unsettling, and Rice was really their only consistent option this past season outside of Travis Kelce in the passing game. They were undoubtedly planning on him taking another big step forward in 2024, but that's no longer a certainty. Kansas City getting better at receiver isn't something anyone in the AFC West wants, but it's what that roster needs.

They also need to get better at the left tackle position, which was occupied by veteran Donovan Smith last season. Smith could potentially still return to Kansas City, but there are better long-term options in this outstanding tackle class. Players like Jordan Morgan of Arizona, Tyler Guyton of Oklahoma, and maybe Kingsley Suamataia of BYU could intrigue the Chiefs at the bottom of round one.

One thing no one in the AFC West wants to see? Kansas City trading up and landing a top 20 player in this class.