Predicting which Denver Broncos WRs will be with the team in three years

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The Old Guards: Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick

Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton are both coming off years in which they were likely disappointed with their personal outcomes. Sutton seemingly has lost the WR1 tag to Jeudy, and Patrick did not see a single game, whether regular season or pre-season after blowing out his knee in camp.

Both receivers are on relatively new deals that pay them well but also aren't guaranteed to keep them in town for too long. Both are pushing 30, and both have considerable question marks around themselves entering 2023. Sutton has not quite lived up to the WR1 tag he played under for a few years, has lost a step on his ability to bring in jump balls, and struggled to stay on the field consistently. Sutton missed almost all of 2020 and played a full 2021, but missed a pair of games in 2022 and then dealt with lingering injuries in 2023 while missing two full games.

Patrick, on the other hand, blew his knee out after a few years after a breakout year in 2020. He put up 725+ yards each of the previous two years before the knee injury, which resulted in a nice three-year deal for the former undrafted free agent. However, Patrick is now 29 and is coming off the aforementioned knee injury. It is hard to predict what exactly Patrick will provide for the Broncos going forward.

Prediction: Neither will be on the team entering 2025.