Predicting the Denver Broncos starting offense for the 2024 NFL Season

With the NFL Draft just days away, let's try to predict what the Broncos starting offense looks like.
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Tight End: Adam Trautman

Anything the Denver Broncos get from Greg Dulcich at this point should be seen as a bonus, and they should approach the 2024 NFL Draft as if tight end is a long-term need. Adam Trautman was re-signed but is just a guy. He's a decent blocker and can catch a few passes here and there. His best benefit to the team is knowing the Sean Payton offensive system and overall team culture. Even if Denver takes a rookie TE, Trautman should enter the year as the starter.

Furthermore, the TE position is often one that takes a few years for players to hit their strides in as they're often forced to learn two positions in the NFL in that they have to be able to block as well as catch passes. Sure, Denver could find the next great tight end during the NFL Draft, but it's not likely, so expect Trautman to be out there to begin 2024.

Offensive Line: Garett Bolles / Ben Powers / Alex Forsyth / Quinn Meinerz / Mike McGlinchey

Nothing really major happening here. The team re-signing Lloyd Cushenberry was probably never going to happen with the amount of money he got from the Tennessee Titans. The team used a seventh-round pick on Alex Forsyth in the 2023 NFL Draft and I believe he can earn the C1 job for 2024 and beyond.

He'll likely be competing with Sam Mustipher and Luke Wattenberg for the starting job, and I currently like his chances to win. Other than that, the starting OL looks exactly like it did last year. And the Broncos should again have one of the better offensive lines in the NFL. The amount of sacks that Broncos QB took last year make the OL look a lot worse than it was.

And on a side note, Forsyth and Bo Nix were teammates at Oregon, so that chemistry is already there, which may help Forsyth's case to earn the starting center job.

Russell Wilson took a ton of sacks, and a majority of the sacks were the fault of Wilson, so if the Broncos have a QB who can get the ball out on time, the team's OL performance will look quite impressive. The team should still look to take a mid or late-round center prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, as that unit is unproven until they prove otherwise.