Predicting the Denver Broncos starting offense for the 2024 NFL Season

With the NFL Draft just days away, let's try to predict what the Broncos starting offense looks like.
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Running Back: Javonte Williams

The run game was just "eh" last offseason, but part of that was perhaps because Javonte Williams knee injury was still lingering a bit. With Williams now another year removed from the major injury, he could return to his old self; bouncing off of tackles with ease and literally carrying other grown men on his back. I've personally never been a huge Javonte Williams fan, but at his best, the Broncos could have a top RB in the NFL.

Perhaps his fourth year in the NFL can be his best, as I don't think there will be another RB starting to open the 2024 NFL Season.

Wide Receivers: Marvin Mims Jr, Josh Reynolds, Tim Patrick

The biggest difference here is Courtland Sutton not being on the team anymore. I do believe he will be traded at some point during the 2024 NFL Draft. Coming off a career year with 10 touchdown catches, the Broncos might be able to fetch a third or fourth-round pick for Sutton, who turns 29 during the 2024 NFL Season.

At this point, Denver should continue to turn the page from certain veteran players. Guys like Justin Simmons, Josey Jewell, and Jerry Jeudy are no longer part of the team, and Sutton fits into that group too. I don't think Sean Payton has the patience for guys like Sutton who hold out of workouts like this, and I bet several teams will come calling.

That might leave Marvin Mims Jr, Josh Reynolds, and Tim Patrick as the projected starters at the WR spot, and while this starting unit does not feel super inspiring, the Broncos will surely come away with at least one rookie WR during the 2024 NFL Draft.