Predicting 2024 stat lines for each Denver Broncos rookie draft pick

Let's try to predict each Denver Broncos rookie draft pick's production in their first NFL season.
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235th Overall Pick -Devaughn Vele, WR
Prediction: N/A

With Devaughn Vele being a 7th-round pick and not really having a ton to latch onto for being an NFL player, I am not sure he cracks the initial roster and is probably someone the Denver Broncos could stuff on the practice squad or even bring up here and there for special teams duty. Vele does come from Utah and has a similar WR profile to Tim Patrick, who also went to Utah.

Maybe Vele could be the next Tim Patrick? I guess you never know. But for now, I do not see how Vele is able to play his way up the depth chart, as the Broncos are deep at WR even without a high-end pass catcher in that room.

256th Overall Pick - Nick Gargiulo, OC
Prediction: N/A

The Denver Broncos drafted Oregon center Alex Forsyth with the 257th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and now took another center with the pick before. For Nick Gargiulo, he might have to end up following the same path as Forsyth, who was not active during his rookie season. The Denver Broncos do have some competition to earn the starting center job, and there is nothing stopping Gargiulo from winning that job.

And even though he is a 7th-round pick, crazier things have happened. For me, though, I do not think Gargiulo will see the field on offense during his rookie season. He could be another practice squad candidate.