Post-June 1st cuts the Denver Broncos should pay attention to

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There should be some post-June 1st cuts across the NFL in the near future, and the Denver Broncos should have their eyes on a few of them. Teams cut players with a post-June 1st designation to help their salary cap situation. is a great resource to use to show the cap savings difference between cutting a player pre-June 1st and post-June 1st.

The Broncos' roster seems mostly set, but I think depending on who is cut in the next couple of weeks, they'd benefit from adding a body or two. It's clear that the team is positioning themselves to win now. Their top-of-the-league spending free agency and aggression in filling roster holes prove that they are wanting to make a run this year.

Another way to help this cause is to take the route of signing free agents in the later waves of the offseason. Many of the players left on the market like Ben Jones, Marcus Peters, and Yannick Ngakoue are immediate-impact players who may not need a ton of time to get up to speed on their new teams.

Let's dive into a few potential post-June 1st cuts that the Broncos should target.

Post-June 1st cuts the Denver Broncos should pay attention to
1. Dalvin Cook, RB

The most obvious candidate here to be cut soon is Dalvin Cook, who may be entering the end stages with the Minnesota Vikings, who drafted him in the 2017 NFL Draft. A completely new regime is in town and the Vikings did not only re-sign RB Alexander Mattison, but they also drafted Dewayne McBride as well.

They clearly prepared for life without Cook, who turns 28 in the 2023 season and would bring the Vikings $9 million in cap savings, according to Cook was drafted by the Vikings when George Paton was in the front office, so the fit makes sense.

Also, this puts less pressure on Javonte Williams to return from his knee injury.