Position by position wish list for Denver Broncos in Free Agency

Denver Broncos Introduce Sean Payton as Head Coach
Denver Broncos Introduce Sean Payton as Head Coach / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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NFL free agency is a time to upgrade and improve a franchise and for the Denver Broncos, there’s talent to be had in that market.

With a new regime in town, it means a new philosophy must take root in the Mile High City. Sean Payton is not a tyrant, but he is a coach who will bring discipline, toughness, will to win, and attention to detail. This stern approach gives the Broncos a coach who will take the reins and allow Denver to play with a hard-nosed attitude. In both free agency and the draft it is very likely the first start of creating the foundation for what Payton, George, and ownership want in place. 

Since there is a new regime in town the unknown makes this fascinating to watch unfold. No one knows the direction the Denver Broncos will go in free agency. Yet, one thing is known and that is the positional needs of the team. It is truly unknown the players the organization will target and people who will want to come to the Mile High City. As a fun exercise we dip our toes into the mind of new look franchise and who they may go after in 2023 free agency. 

The recent rumors surrounding Garett Bolles, whether or not to re-sign Dre’Mont Jones, and bringing back Alex Singleton and Latavius Murray will be up for discussion. It is also entirely possible the Broncos will be searching for a brand new offensive line from right tackle, center and left guard. Dalton Risner is currently expected to enter free agency and it’s unclear if he will even be back. There’s also the very likelihood new faces join the fold in this off-season. 

Let’s take a in-depth look at many players the Denver Broncos may actually target.