3 Patrick Surtain II trade packages the Denver Broncos should entertain

The Denver Broncos need to overhaul this roster, and I'm not sure even Patrick Surtain II is untradeable at this point

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The Denver Broncos should seriously consider trading Patrick Surtain II by the trade deadline in 2023. While Surtain is elite, the Broncos have a severe lack of talent on their roster and need more draft capital. It's time to sound the panic alarms in Broncos Country. This team is much less talented than I think some of us thought.

I was one of those people. There's also been some horrid coaching on one side of the ball, and it really makes you appreciate how stellar Vic Fangio and Ejiro Evero are at their jobs on defense. Vance Joseph is exposing how weak this defensive roster is. Anyway, I don't think Denver is particularly close to turning anything around this year, and they will surely be sellers at the trade deadline.

Well, I don't think anyone should be off the table here, including Patrick Surtain II, who is the best defensive back in the NFL. The Denver Broncos should consider these trade packages for Surtain if offered.

3 Patrick Surtain II trade packages the Denver Broncos should entertain


A few years ago, Jalen Ramsey was traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Los Angeles Rams for a similar package. Ramsey was also a bit older than Surtain is, so I don't think this is an unrealistic offer at all. The Detroit Lions are a team trending in the right direction and really have it figured out on offense.

They remade their secondary this year but still need some help in that unit. They also really aren't paying anyone that much on defense, so splurging on Patrick Surtain II like this would really make sense for them. Ramsey was traded for two firsts and a fourth.

The Denver Broncos would get a haul back for Surtain in this package and would really be in a good spot with their refreshed draft capital. I get that the defense is already weak, so trading Surtain would obviously make it weaker, but I think this is a very strong trade offer.