Outrageous trade idea for Broncos has them acquiring future Hall of Famer

The Denver Broncos could get crazy next offseason.

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Broncos need to see if the Commanders want to trade Terry McLaurin

The Washington Commanders are going to fire Ron Rivera and likely start a complete and thorough rebuilding process. They currently own the fourth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and need some serious help on both sides of the ball. Their defense is atrocious and their offensive line is shaky at best. I don't think they'd ever entertain the idea of trading their best player in WR Terry McLaurin, but what if the Broncos were to approach them with an offer they could not refuse?

McLaurin was picked in 2019 and has had three-straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons from 2020-2022, and is currently on pace to have a hair over 900 yards this year. "Scary Terry" has been a consistent WR1 his entire career and might welcome a fresh start. He's been suffering and wasting away in Washington. Why not give the Broncos up-and-down WR room a consistent boost?

Honestly, I do truly wonder if the Commanders would consider a swap of wide receivers. Denver could send Jerry Jeudy over and the Broncos would get McLaurin in return. Jeudy is a few years younger and might be a perfect foundational piece on offense to build around for years to come with Sam Howell. I think this trade could work out for both sides.