NFL mock draft: Broncos make Peyton Manning proud with top pick

Denver Broncos land legacy WR in 2024 NFL mock draft

Denver Broncos, 2024 NFL mock draft
Denver Broncos, 2024 NFL mock draft / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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3. Anthony Belton, OT, North Carolina State

As you begin your search for offensive linemen for the Denver Broncos to target in the 2024 NFL Draft, definitely keep your eyes on guys with great length. One player you should definitely be keeping tabs on in 2024 is North Carolina State tackle Anthony Belton.

Belton took over for former Carolina Panthers first-round pick Ickey Ekwonu at the left tackle position, and he's begun making his own case to become a top-100 NFL Draft pick in the near future. Although right now the Broncos won't pick until later in the fourth round, I think a player like Belton is going to be a necessity if the Broncos don't get an offensive tackle in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.


The time has come for the Broncos to actually draft someone in 2024. The next offensive tackle the Broncos draft will be the first tackle they would have drafted since Garett Bolles in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Is it any wonder the team has struggled on the offensive line? They haven't taken any shots at the tackle position. The fact that they didn't draft a single tackle while Mike Munchak was on the coaching staff is actually kind of absurd when you say it out loud.

At any rate, I love the idea of the Broncos taking a shot or two at the OT position in 2024. Give yourself some options and if a guy has positional flexibility, even better.

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