Newest AFC West head coach is division's worst after minicamp

Jim Harbaugh starting from scratch?
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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4) Jim Harbaugh, Los Angeles Chargers

Reigning NCAA National Champion Jim Harbaugh brings up the caboose on this list. Harbaugh's title, however, deserves an asterisk next to it considering he only coached nine of Michigan's 15 games last year. Harbaugh was obviously a strong coach at Michigan prior to last year, but his inability to close to deal and bring the big one home was not settled in 2023, considering that he did not coach 40% of Michigan's games. His game in the NCAA ranks was strong but is not one that will translate to the NFL. If he thinks that he can turn out games with his quarterback throwing the ball less than 10 times, it might be another long season in Tinsel Town for the Chargers.

Harbaugh will not be coaching in college football, so let us turn our attention to the NFL, a league he has not coached in since about a decade ago. Harbaugh's NFL run was solid, but the league has changed drastically since. Quarterbacks are better than ever and are more important than ever, running backs are less valuable than ever, defenses have reinvented the wheel (yet again), and even just next year, special teams have taken on an entirely new face that directly leads to a massive rise in kickoff returns.

Until we can see that Harbaugh can win in today's NFL, something the three coaches ahead of him have all proven they can do, he ranks as the AFC West's worst coach following minicamp.