New York Jets win their Super Bowl in Week 5 as they beat a bad Broncos team

The New York Jets won their Super Bowl in Week 5.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The New York Jets got their Super Bowl win in Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season, taking down the lowly Denver Broncos in a game that perfectly encapsulated how bad the Broncos really are. Well, congratulations to the New York Jets for winning their Super Bowl. I'm sure the entire organization had this game circled on their calendars.

And well, it went as they had hoped. Nathaniel Hackett got his "revenge" against Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos, as the Jets improved to 2-3 in a loaded AFC conference. The Jets might be able to enjoy this win for a little bit until they realize that their QB is the weakest link on their roster, which is surely going to impact their chances of making the playoffs.

During the broadcast, I saw a statistic pop up that differentiated between the playoff chances with 2-3 teams and 1-4 teams. As you may expect, the 1-4 teams have a very low chance of making the postseason. I think the number was around 6%, and for the 2-3 teams, their percentage was still low; if I'm not mistaken, it was around 22%.

So, with the Jets having the fourth-best QB in their own division and a 2-3 record, which is not good, the team still seems to be celebrating as if they just won the Super Bowl.

I mean, a lot of this stuff feels high school-ish, doesn't it? Sure, I get that the organization is happy that they've won a game against the worst team in football, but man, this feels like the Jets just won the biggest game in their franchise's history. I suppose the organization being down-bad even more than the Broncos plays a part here.


In fact, it is the New York Jets who currently hold the longest-active playoff-drought streak in the NFL. Of course, the Denver Broncos are right behind them with the second-longest streak. If you're the Jets' organization, you need to soak in the (few) wins that come, right?

I do think that the New York Jets aren't going to make the playoffs in 2023; Zach Wilson is not a good QB and I don't think that team can rely on their run game and defense for much longer. Anyway, the New York Jets have already begun milking the heck out of this win, and I'm sure they'll keep it up.

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