Nathaniel Hackett can still help Broncos reach playoffs in 2023

Former Denver Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett can still help the team make the playoffs...

Denver Broncos
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As crazy as it may sound, former Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett could actually still help the team make the playoffs in 2023. The Denver Broncos may have fallen to 9th in the AFC after last weekend's loss to the Houston Texans, but this team is still very much in the thick of the AFC playoff race with five games left to play in the season. The Broncos obviously have to take care of business in their own games, but they could also get in with a little help from old "friends".

The New York Jets are 4-8 this season and are apparently turning back to Zach Wilson at the quarterback position after (rather unceremoniously) benching him for Tim Boyle, of all players. Boyle, by the way, has been flat-out cut from the team. Although nobody is going to be holding their breath, there is a chance that we could see Nathaniel Hackett and the Jets find a way to make a slight difference in this playoff race that could benefit the Denver Broncos.

New York Jets five remaining games

  • vs. Houston Texans
  • @ Miami Dolphins
  • vs. Washington Commanders
  • @ Cleveland Browns
  • @ New England Patriots

The Jets can't do a ton of damage for the Denver Broncos here, but they play a game this weekend against the Houston Texans where a win for the Jets would be (at the very least) a slight win for the Denver Broncos. Even though Houston currently has a tie-breaker against Denver, the Broncos still have a chance to finish this season with a better overall record than them and the Jets can help them do that.

The Jets can also help in Week 17 when they go on the road against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns hold one of the AFC's Wild Card spots right now, but it really feels like they're hanging on by a thread. They are down to their fourth QB of the season (Joe Flacco) and that ship feels like it's taking on way too much water.

But the Jets' offense is going to have to find a way to score at least 17-20 points. That's been borderline impossible for them this season. They are averaging 14.3 points per game, but the Jets have only scored more than 13 points in just four games this season. Yikes.


Although the Broncos' fan base hasn't had much time to worry about the New York Jets this season, they have certainly enjoyed watching them crash and burn from afar. Even though the Jets came into Denver and got a win this season -- which does hurt the Broncos' playoff chances, obviously -- they can still help the Broncos reach the postseason.

Nathaniel Hackett can still do right by Denver, after all.

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