Mid-season stretch for Denver Broncos in 2024 could make or break their year

There is a clear chunk of games in the middle of the 2024 season for the Broncos that could make or break their year.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos did not get the worst schedule in the world, but this mid-season stretch in 2024 could truly make or break their season. You know what, it could be worse. The Denver Broncos could truly change the direction of their franchise in 2024 for the better, and most of that hinges on Bo Nix panning out.

With the recent history of rookie QBs making a noticeable impact in year one, you have to assume that Sean Payton is hoping for the same from his young signal-caller. Well, the beginning chunk of the Denver Broncos schedule does not seem all that hard. Their first opponents are the Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, and Las Vegas Raiders.

It's not a gauntlet by any means. And if all goes well, a 3-2 or 4-1 start isn't out of the question. Well, from Weeks 9-13, the Broncos will be put to the test, and these five games lead up to their late Week 14 bye week. If things are still going well by this point, Denver could enter their bye week in a playoff race.

From Weeks 9-13, they face the Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, and Cleveland Browns. In 2024, four of those teams are likely headed to the postseason. The Raiders are the lone team that probably won't. This five-game stretch could be crucial for the Denver Broncos.

If they were to bottom out and go 1-4 during this stretch headed into the bye week, the season is likely over. But really, anything better than that could put or keep them in a good position after the bye. I think you could optimistically hope for a 3-2 record during this stretch of games for the Broncos. Going 3-2 against those five opponents could have the Denver Broncos with seven or eight wins headed into the bye week.

The team had a similar stretch mid-season in 2023. Those games were against the Packers, Chiefs, Bills, Vikings, and Browns.

Denver won all five. Could they have another wicked mid-season to potentially turn their 2024 season into one to remember?