Kyler Murray to the Denver Broncos? 3 reasons why it makes sense in 2024

The Denver Broncos might be able to find their QB of the future in Kyler Murray

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3. Kyler Murray is good... and he's young...

What am I missing here? Kyler Murray is a very good quarterback who I think is sometimes unfairly characterized by the media. Let's not overthink this. Through four seasons in the NFL, Kyler Murray has the following passing statistics:

66.8% completion percentage, 13,848 yards, 84 touchdowns, 41 interceptions, 92.5 rating

As a runner, he's put up 2,204 rushing yards and 23 rushing touchdowns. So, in 57 regular season games, Kyler Murray has accounted for 107 total touchdowns. Over a 17-game season, that comes out to 32 touchdowns per season, which is great production. He's also grown as a passer gradually throughout his career.

His interception percentage has fallen in each year of his career. His touchdown percentage rose in each of his first three seasons, as did his passer rating. His passing yards per game rose in each of his first three seasons, and his sack rate has fallen quite a bit since his rookie season. Another huge advantage of Kyler Murray is that at this point in 2024, he'll be just 27 years old.


He'll be young, still in his late-20s while likely having a solid, lengthy career ahead of him, so the Denver Broncos would not have to worry about replacing Murray in the near future if they were to make this trade. People might roll their eyes at this idea, but Kyler Murray would check all the boxes for the Denver Broncos, and I can't help but wonder all Sean Payton could do with the offense with a true dual-threat passer in Murray.

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