Kyle Pitts, 4 other trades Denver Broncos must make before deadline

Should the Denver Broncos trade for Kyle Pitts? Or anyone else?

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5. Broncos should do a pick swap for WR Chase Claypool

I'm a little hesitant to include this one, but I would be interested to see how the Denver Broncos could utilize Chase Claypool. Remember back in the offseason when the Broncos were supposedly interested in signing free agent Allen Lazard? I know part of that evaluation is off the field, but you might be able to get some similar things out of Chase Claypool that you were hoping for from Allen Lazard.

Think of him as sort of a WR/TE hybrid kind of player. I think the Broncos could use another threat in the passing game like this, especially with Greg Dulcich really not someone you can rely upon right now.

Claypool has obviously been a bit of a problem when it comes to causing drama off the field, but this could be a low-risk type of move, maybe a 2026 late-round pick swap or something like that, and you could get some major early returns from a player like Claypool. Sean Payton isn't putting up with any of the off-field stuff, and this is a guy who had nine touchdowns back in his rookie year in 2020.


Not only that, but the Steelers showed some really creative ways to incorporate him in the running game that the Broncos could try as well.

I quite like this idea when it comes to the football side of things, but the Broncos would obviously have to put conditions on any sort of trade here regarding Claypool the person.

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