Kyle Pitts, 4 other trades Denver Broncos must make before deadline

Should the Denver Broncos trade for Kyle Pitts? Or anyone else?

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2. Denver Broncos should trade for Falcons TE/WR Kyle Pitts

I know some of this is going to seem super contradictory for what was just stated, but again, there are variables at play here that could impact whether or not you would make a move like this. Now, I know a ton of people are going to come at me and say that this trade doesn't help the defense. Kyle Pitts doesn't help us stop the run. Can Kyle Pitts play corner?

I can already hear many of you shooting this idea down because it doesn't help the defense, but I want to propose that the NFL trade deadline is not simply about attacking remaining roster weaknesses. For a tema like the Denver Broncos, it could be a lot about taking calculated risks as well. I don't think you have to be a contending team to be aggressive or picks spots to be aggressive when it comes to roster building.

Adding a playmaker like Kyle Pitts could not only set you up for more success in 2023, but beyond. The former first-round pick out of Florida is seemingly highlighted every single week by NFL analysts and fans alike for getting completely ignored in this Atlanta Falcons offense.

The rumors have been heating up lately that the Falcons could trade Pitts, and I wouldn't hate seeing the Denver Broncos do this at all. Pitts is exactly the type of player that has thrived in Sean Payton's offenses of the past, and while I love Greg Dulcich as much as the next person, I'm currently extremely concerned over his ability to stay healthy.

And without a healthy Dulcich, the Broncos severely lack an athletic presence at the tight end position. Kyle Pitts sort of kills that need with fire.

I wouldn't even be opposed to a Dulcich plus a pick swap for Pitts, if the Falcons were into that.