Jerry Jeudy needs to get the ball against the Miami Dolphins

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos
Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

After making his season debut against the Washington Commanders, it appeared that the coaching staff was taking it light with Jerry Jeudy.

He was only targeted five times while recording three catches for 25 yards. It was his first game after nursing the hamstring injury he had suffered at the end of training camp.

The Broncos didn't involve Jeudy as much as they had hoped but they need to find ways to give him the ball against the Miami Dolphins.

The Denver Broncos need to force-feed the ball to Jerry Jeudy against the Dolphins

Sean Payton had Jerry Jeudy out there for 38 passing plays, but perhaps had him out there as a decoy rather than an actual threat since he was coming off a hamstring injury against the Commanders.

He appeared healthy during the game and is no longer on the injury report for the Miami game on Sunday. It's time for Payton to unleash Jeudy in this offense that ranks top in points per possession.

Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard has held Jeudy in high regard before. After their first meeting between the two at Denver in 2020, Howard had high praises for the former first round pick.

There is an argument to be made that Jeudy is the best route-runner in the league. Why that hasn't translated to his numbers statistically on the field is a story I wrote about why it hasn't happened (yet).

Payton should unlock Jeudy's full potential and it should start on Sunday against the Dolphins. Howard shadowed Jeudy on 72% of his routes in 2020 and Fangio, who was the head coach then for the Broncos, may utilize the same strategy for the Dolphins that Miami had in place back then.

Payton should not be afraid to go after Howard in this game, especially if he is covering Jeudy. Howard has not had a great start to the season as people may think.

He leads CBs in penalties with four and has posted a 52.5 coverage grade, which ranks as one of the lowest in the league.

If Fangio elects to not shadow Jeudy with Howard, Payton should still give Jeudy the ball in the quick passing game. Yards after catch for Jeudy will be crucial as he can exploit the Miami defense with his speed and playmaking ability.

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There is no reason why Jeudy should not receive eight or more targets in this game (or any other game). The offense needs Jeudy to become the superstar he was projected to be and it is on Payton and Russell Wilson to feed their WR1.