Jerry Jeudy disrespected in latest Madden 24 ratings

The Denver Broncos WR1 was disrespected by Madden 24

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Madden 24 released the ratings for the wide receivers, and there was some real controversy on social media about which receivers should be ranked ahead or behind others. One of the biggest outliers in the ratings is where they had Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy.

According to the Madden 24 website, the rating adjustors for the video game have Jeudy ranked as the 35th-best wide receiver in the league with an 83 overall.

While this is not important whatsoever, it gives us an opportunity to judge a video game that is widely popular around the world. For starters, PFF gave Jeudy a 78.4 offensive grade (minimum of 37 targets or more), which ranked him at 20 amongst wide receivers.

By just stating the obvious facts with the PFF grades and actual season statistics, Jeudy being ranked at 35 amongst his peers is a joke. Madden 24 have players ranked higher than Jeudy like Mike Williams, Odell Beckham Jr., Devonta Smith, Brandon Aiyuk, Chris Olave, and more. While all these receivers are great, Jeudy had better numbers than most players ranked ahead of him and is more skilled than most of them, respectively.

The top-10 WR ratings look good despite some minor changes that could be made, but nothing major. Most of the football community can agree that these 10 players have their rightful claim in these spots.

For the rest of the rankings and ratings, some of these receivers are not better than Jeudy. We all understand that he has not shown his full potential yet due to freak injuries and stuff like that, but I would argue that his road in the NFL has not been easy.

Just last season alone, Jeudy had to deal with two different head coaches, two different quarterbacks, and three different offensive coordinators. Despite all of that and freak injuries that occurred during the season, he managed to record career-high numbers in receiving yards, touchdowns, and a lot more. Jeudy recorded better numbers than players that played a full season and had better stability with their respective teams.

As Jeudy continues to get disrespected, whether in ratings or rankings, he'll continue to work at his craft and become the best player he can be. He has not had the ideal situation for him yet in Denver but with Sean Payton at the helm now, the sky is the limit for the young star.


No matter what the ratings or rankings say about Jeudy, it is without a doubt that he is skilled enough and has recorded numbers that are great for what he has dealt with to be mentioned among the best receivers. Many people will complain about his overall career numbers despite glossing over the fact of what he has had to deal with in Denver, but he'll continue to prove his critics wrong.

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Jeudy is in for a huge year under Payton this season and we can't wait!