Interview With A Draftophile: The Art of Uncovering the Small School Sleeper

Rutgers v Ohio State
Rutgers v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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Who’s this year’s Draft Crush for you?

I seem to have more and more of them every year. I'll give you a big name, a late-round guy, an off-the-map-completely guy, and one I just love even if he doesn't make it big.

1. Could easily say Christian Gonzalez or Dawand Jones, both of whom are fantastic... but I'll go Nolan Smith. It's hard to judge college LBs because their usage and the whole MOF action is so different, but in my opinion, he's going to be an elite, possible all-pro or beyond as an off-ball LB.

2. Marte Mapu. Tore his pec prepping for pro day, but he can freaking play for me any day. LB who can drop into safety roles

3. QB Kory Curtis is my favorite sleeper in like the last 5 years. If he had stayed at Ohio State or even if he'd taken Power 5 transfer offers he turned down because he had graduated early in molecular biology and wanted a specific grad school program... he'd be in the conversation for first overall pick. I'm not kidding. He has the best arm (in a class with Levis & Richardson, that's really saying something), size, as good a processor as any QB of the last 5-6 years, great kid... IF he gets a chance, he will be the answer to that question you asked about "my biggest wins"

4. I could just watch JD DiRenzo from Rutgers pummel dudes all day long or watch J-Min Pelley rag-doll OL men in Canada... I'll stop there.