Interview With A Draftophile: The Art of Uncovering the Small School Sleeper

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As you know, I’m a lifelong Denver Broncos Fan, and those who’ll be reading this will largely fall into a similar category. As you’ve probably noticed, George Paton’s staff has not been afraid to dig a little deeper than the SEC and BIG10. Who are a couple of prospects you feel might be a good fit for what Sean Payton and Vance Joseph do?

Honestly, I saw a lot more Broncos in the John Elway era. I lived in Colorado most of 1988-2005 and saw most of his career back then. But my impression is that Sean Payton likes big slots, so I'd throw the names Chase Cota (UCLA/Oregon) who is [dare I say it?] perhaps a more athletic Cooper Kupp type, CJ Johnson (big slot who can also give you outside snaps), and Jadakis Bonds (big frame and tough matchup) out there as late-round picks or even UDFA types.

With Vance's pro coaching background with secondaries, he seems to have a knack for identifying and developing safeties. This isn't a particularly deep class for traditional safety types, and it isn't a giant need this year for Denver but I feel like Jason Taylor II from Oklahoma State is made to be a Bronco. He can play in a multitude of roles and just makes plays at every level. Paired with Simmons or filling in should Simmons miss time, he'd be a great fit. Guessing the Broncos will go outside CB early this year, but should they go a little later, Isaiah Bolden from Jackson State (Deion's CB factory) and Kaleb Hayes of BYU are both confident, extremely well-coached, and can fly.