Insane Broncos mock draft would fix the team for the long-term

If the Denver Broncos could pull off this draft, the team would be in great shape for years to come.

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The 2024 NFL Draft could truly be a make-or-break draft for the Denver Broncos franchise. Well, this mock draft would certainly fix the team for the long-term. Manely Broncos podcast host and Predominantly Orange contributor Cameron Parker just put together the mock draft to end all mock drafts. I'm not sure I've seen a stronger mock for the Denver Broncos:

Somehow, Parker was able to come away with Marvin Harrison Jr, Bo Nix, Cooper DeJean, and T'Vondre Sweat with the first four picks. Notably, Parker found a way to trade up to the Arizona Cardinals 4th overall spot. In the trade, the Broncos simply had to give up CB Patrick Surtain II, and in return, the Broncos received pick 4 and also got Zaven Collins back in the deal as well, along with pick 27.

The fourth pick was used on Harrison Jr, the best WR prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft and son of NFL Hall of Famer, Marvin Harrison. There's the Broncos WR1. At 12, Parker wisely selected Bo Nix from Oregon, and all of a sudden, the Broncos offense feels complete. However, Parker wasn't done. At pick 27, he was able to draft DB Cooper DeJean from Iowa. DeJean can play safety and CB and would greatly lessen the blow of losing Surtain.

At pick 76, which is the Broncos own third-round pick, T'Vondre Sweat was drafted, giving the Denver Broncos another needed body along the defensive line.

The mock draft was finished with what appears to be the best player available approach. With the last six picks, four of them came on offense and two on defense. After Sweat, Parker opted to draft Pitt tackle Matt Goncalves. With Garett Bolles entering the last year of his current deal, getting a tackle in the building makes a load of sense.

Parker also added TE Theo Johnson from Penn State, who caught seven touchdowns in 2023. And to finish it all off, the Broncos select a late-round center prospect in Tanor Bortolini from Wisconsin.

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I'm not sure there is a single thing to dislike with this mock draft. The Broncos trading Surtain might be unpopular among some people, but the return that Denver got is too great to not do the deal.