Idea of Sean Payton hating Russell Wilson is silly

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The Denver Broncos have their quarterback of the future in Russell Wilson. They have their head coach of the future In Sean Payton. Still, before any games have even been played, let alone training camp and the 2023 NFL Draft, people are still making silly things up as they go.

The latest nonsense comes from Matthew Berry, who claims his source has told him that Wilson is “bothering” former New Yorleans Saints quarterback and quarterback for Payton, Drew Brees.

"“Speaking of big-name QBs coming off down years, more than one person mentioned to me that Russell Wilson is basically on a one-year audition. There's no way Denver can cut him this year, but next year, while the dead cap hit would certainly be bad, it could be spread out over two years and wouldn't be franchise crippling. Said one source “I don't think [Sean] Payton likes Russ. He's got one year to prove himself or Payton will move on.” This source pointed out that Payton has said multiple times in public, on the record, how Russell keeps “bothering Drew Brees.” Payton tries to play it off for a laugh, but my source doesn't think Payton actually thinks it's funny.”"

Matthew Berry

Could it be that Wilson is trying to get as much information out of Brees regarding Payton’s system as possible, just like a rookie quarterback would do in a new system as they enter the NFL? That’s possible. But at the end of the day, none of that should even matter. At least, it should not be taken as a negative thing.

Honestly, with all due respect to Matthew Berry, I sense this as just something to rile people up. It’s the same thing that we’ve seen all season long when the team continued to lose games. I’ve come to the realization that that’s what some media places just do. It’s a frustrating process. The fact that people are still after Wilson even after he played better in the final two weeks of the season under Jerry Rosburg than any other week under Nathaniel Hackett is just bizarre and weird.

If Payton was so against the idea of Wilson, why on earth would he have taken the job knowing that Wilson is this team’s future? Personally, I can’t see the team moving on from Wilson when they’re basically able to. We’ve been in quarterback purgatory since Manning retired. Unless we magically find a way to find a better quarterback than Wilson, he’s our guy. We’re not going through this mess unless we have to.

The way that I am looking at this now is a fresh start. Unfortunately, we have a fresh start with a 34-year-old quarterback but we did the same thing with Peyton Manning. Look where that led us: Two Super Bowl appearances and a win in one of them. I’m not saying that’s going to happen with Wilson. I’m not going to jump the gun and make all of those pointless predictions like, “Hey we will go on to win the next five championships.”

No. What I will say is that it’s very unfair to see these stupid allegations from the media. It’s not something I’m here for. It’s frustrating that it’s allowed without consequences.

As for the state of the Denver Broncos and the team’s future, it’s all a guessing game and nobody truly knows what’s going to happen ahead of time. You can hate on Wilson’s play on the field but I don’t believe for a second that at this point in time, Wilson and Payton “hate” each other. They can have disagreements and such during games or whatever, but to say they hate each other this early in the process is just silly.

With all that being said, there’s no shock that the Broncos need to prepare for a future without Wilson. He’s not a 23-year-old quarterback anymore. You just never know.

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