How many quarterbacks are playing better than Russell Wilson in 2023?

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You can make the case, but nothing is for sure: Patrick Mahomes (KC), Joe Burrow (CIN), Jalen Hurts (PHI)

What earns Joe Burrow a spot here is that he got into double-digit games, whereas Kirk Cousins, who would otherwise deserve consideration, did not. Burrow was playing much stronger football when he got hurt but ultimately did not do enough to overtake Wilson on this list.

Patrick Mahomes, much like Justin Herbert, is struggling with the condition of "awful weapons". The Chiefs' receiving core is surprisingly awful, and it has cost the Chiefs and Mahomes. Mahomes, on the other hand, is struggling with turning the ball over. The former MVP has nine interceptions through 10 games but has taken an astonishingly low 13 sacks. Mahomes, overall, is still playing solid football, and there is a case to be made that his overall game is still more productive than Wilson's, but nothing definitive.

Jalen Hurts, for some reason, is an MVP front-runner. Hurts has thrown for 15 touchdowns and nine interceptions, and has rushed for nine touchdowns. Hurts is the benefactor of the Brotherly Shove, a huge reason he has nine interceptions. While the overall stats may be pretty, Hurts has personally turned the ball over 11 times so far this year, and has just the 11th-best rating (94.8) in football, but his QBR (64) sits at sixth best in football. Hurts is playing a very different style of play than Wilson, despite both being mobile quarterbacks. The Eagles design their offense inside the red zone around Hurts' legs and the Brotherly Shove, while Wilson and Sean Payton design theirs around Wilson's arm and connection with Courtland Sutton.


Wilson's four interceptions and one fumble are a far better mark than Hurts' nine interceptions and two fumbles, a mark which would be incredibly hard for the Broncos to overcome.

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