How many Primetime games will the Broncos get in 2023?

Thursday Night Football
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Last season, the Denver Broncos had a 5-12 win-loss record. Out of the 17 regular season games, Denver originally had five primetime games plus an international game (In London), and a Christmas Day game, but the last one of those five, was rescheduled to a regular time. Those games were: Week 1 Monday Night Football at Seattle Seahawks, Week 3 Sunday Night Football vs San Francisco 49ers, Week 5 Thursday Night Football vs Indianapolis Colts, Week 6 Monday Night Football at Los Angeles Chargers, Week 8 International Game at Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 14 game vs Kansas City Chiefs (removed from Primetime), and Week 16 at Los Angeles Rams.

In those games, excluding the international game at Jacksonville, and the re-scheduled game vs Kansas City, the Denver Broncos had an average of 13.2 points scored, which looked really bad. Many fans around the league did not want to see more Broncos Primetime games.

Just for you to remember, Primetime games, are games aired on National TV, and there is just that specific game at that time. These games are usually "Night Games", either Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or Monday Night Football.

In 2022, every single team in the NFL, except for the Detroit Lions, had a Primetime game. Well, Detroit got the final game of the Regular Season as a Primetime game but was not scheduled to be before the season. There is a rule that every team cannot have more than five Primetime games in a single season.

The 2023 schedule has not been released yet, so we do not know if Denver will get any Primetime games. NFL International Games home teams are already announced, and the Broncos play on the road against two of those teams that have a home game in London/Germany, these teams are the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. So Denver could have an international game in 2023.

The Sean Payton hire could give Denver more than one Primetime game in 2023, but the 2022-23 team performance in Primetime could take away the opportunity to get these games on National TV. Besides the three AFC West teams, the Broncos will face Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Buffalo, New England, New York (Jets), Houston, Cleveland and Washington in 2023.

If Aaron Rodgers ends up in the Jets, I can really see that matchup against NY as a Primetime game, a rematch against former Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett ...

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