How the Denver Broncos can follow in the footsteps of the Denver Nuggets

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets
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Setting your superstars up for success

Something the Nuggets have done a brilliant job of and have nearly executed to perfection is the game-planning and ability to put their superstars Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray in the right spots to make plays when they need them.

Last year, for the near majority of the season, Nathaniel Hackett and his offensive staff continuously failed to utilize WRs Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy correctly. It took the team all the way until week 14 last season before they finally decided to move Jerry Jeudy to the 'X' position and wasn't even a strategic change to their offensive approach but because Courtland Sutton was ruled out of the game due to injury. As most of you know, Jeudy then went on to reel in three touchdown receptions against the Chiefs and further solidify his spot as the team's best receiver throughout the last five games of the season, thriving at the 'X' receiver position.

That is just one example of many others on the offense last season. It always seemed like Hackett and/or Russell Wilson were trying to force Courtland Sutton to the ball and often didn't result in the best production for the 27-year-old receiver. While the offense didn't have the best mixture of route runners and speedsters to stretch the field for players like Sutton, the overall approach and offensive playcalling was poor and subpar all season and never really put the team's best weapons in situations to change the game.

As ex-Bronco Billy Turner said -- there's lots of blame to spread everywhere on the offense's inability to score points last season, it still always falls back on the coaching and the Broncos can definitely pick up a thing or two on how Mike Malone of the Nuggets has done an excellent job rallying his superstars and role players to win games for the city of Denver.

With that being said, the Avs won a championship in 2022. The Nuggets will win one this year. Broncos country, it's time to three-peat.

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