How the Denver Broncos can follow in the footsteps of the Denver Nuggets

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets
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Roster development

The Denver Nuggets have emphatically done an amazing job of prioritizing player development on their roster and making sure it is done the 'right way'. Of course, not every player on their roster has been drafted and developed by the team, as does every team in the NBA. However, the examples of Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic, Christian Braun, and Michael Porter Jr., are single-handedly big reasons as to how they managed to reach the finals in a competitive western conference -- all players that have been a part of the Nuggets organization their entire career.

And to be fair, roster and player development can only take you so far as we have seen with many teams because key acquisitions like Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Aaron Gordon, and Bruce Brown have been huge for the franchise's success this season. We can argue all day long about whether it is smarter to build a team through free agency or the draft but what we do know works, is finding a reasonable balance between the two as we have seen Nuggets GM Calvin Booth do very well in just his first year managing the team.

Regardless if the player was drafted by the Broncos or not, the staff needs to do a proper job of effectively coaching their young talent to put them in the best positions to make plays. Not everything can be expected of the players and Broncos fans know -- the coaching has been unacceptable since the departure of super bowl winner Gary Kubiak.