Grading the Broncos 10 biggest moves in 2024 free agency

We grade the Broncos' 10 most impactful moves so far

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9. Re-signing TE Adam Trautman

Going into the 2024 offseason, you really felt like the Broncos needed to add a veteran at the tight end position. It seemed like maybe they would go after a bit better of a receiver, but in the end, they're running it back with Adam Trautman.

Trautman has basically spent his entire NFL career playing for Sean Payton, who traded a bunch of picks to get him in the 2020 NFL Draft. Payton likes Trautman for his reliability and consistency. You know what you're getting with Trautman.

Although Trautman is solid in many regards, he's not a true game-changer at the position. This move doesn't exactly move the needle, but it's not a bad one, either.

Our Grade: C

10. Re-signing WR Lil'Jordan Humphrey

One of about 600 former Texas Longhorns currently on the Denver Broncos, Lil'Jordan Humphrey does a lot for you as both a blocker and receiver. He can also play special teams.

Although LJH was floating between the active roster and practice squad throughout last season, he's a 53-man roster type of player who brings some underrated skills to the table. When you look at this Broncos wide receiver room, it feels like Lil'Jordan Humphrey is just kind of a great overall fit. He caught three touchdowns on 13 receptions last season, and I think he has more upside in the passing game than meets the eye.

Our Grade: B+