Grading the Broncos 10 biggest moves in 2024 free agency

We grade the Broncos' 10 most impactful moves so far

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5. Signing DL Malcolm Roach

The Denver Broncos ranked 30th in the NFL against the run last year and 32nd in yards per carry allowed. It stands to reason that if they can bump that ranking up 10 or more spots, the floor of this team is going to get higher.

That's why they brought in Malcolm Roach, formerly of the New Orleans Saints. He's one of the best run stoppers in the NFL on the defensive line:

Now, this comes with a bit of a caveat. Roach only played 290 snaps last year and hasn't ever really been an every-down player. What are the Broncos asking of him? Are we going to see them use Roach on 300-400 snaps? If so, that's fine, especially given the price. They signed him to a 2-year deal worth $8 million, so this is a really solid signing at a major area of need.

Our grade: A

6. Re-signing kicker Wil Lutz

Speaking of moves that were a necessity heading into NFL Free Agency, the Broncos really had no choice but to re-sign Wil Lutz. It sent a wave of panic through the fan base when it was reported that Lutz had signed with the Jaguars, but he thankfully had a change of heart.

Perhaps the Broncos made a change (increase) in their offer, too. Either way, Lutz is coming back to Denver which means we are avoiding an offseason full of questions about the kicker position, an area of this team the Broncos really don't need question marks. Lutz got a two-year deal from the Broncos, so we can all rest easy at night knowing the Broncos have a reliable kicker in place.

Our grade: A