Grading the full Broncos roster by position after 2023 draft

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Denver Broncos roster grades: Tight End


- Greg Dulcich
- Adam Trautman
- Chris Manhertz
- Albert Okwuegbunam
- Kris Leach
- Nate Adkins

The Denver Broncos have really revamped the tight end position over the last two years. Of course, former first-round pick Noah Fant was included in the blockbuster deal that sent Russell Wilson to Denver last offseason, but the team overhauled this position group in 2023 with new head coach Sean Payton.

Gone are players like Eric Saubert, Eric Tomlinson, and Andrew Beck. In are players like Chris Manhertz, Adam Trautman, and fullback Michael Burton.

The Broncos used a third-round pick last year on Greg Dulcich and he lived up to the hype he was receiving last offseason...when he was on the field, that is. Dulcich dealt with a hamstring issue for most of the 2022 season, and although he played in 10 games, it felt like his availability was even more sparse than that.

Bringing in Trautman should be a huge help to this unit, as well as adding blocking specialist Chris Manhertz. I don't think this unit boasts anything spectacular (just yet) but I think it's solid with the additions of Trautman and Manhertz, and Dulcich has a chance to be a star receiver at the position if he continues to grow as an all-around player.

Overall grade: 83/100 (B)