Grading every Denver Broncos position group after the 2024 NFL Draft

Just how talented is the Denver Broncos roster currently?
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The Denver Broncos roster is not going to look much different from now until Week 1 of the 2024 NFL Season, so let's give a letter grade to each position group. It's nice to see the front office address the weaknesses of this roster. At the moment, we do not know if said weaknesses will turn into strengths in 2024, but they have tried, at least.

They've also embraced a clear plan with a rookie QB, which is a breath of fresh air. Bo Nix is going to be in the spotlight for a while, and the pressure is already on the rookie to perform. However, there are 52 other players on an active roster, so with many colleges and high schools heading toward final exams, let's give a letter grade to each of the Broncos positional units for 2024.

Quarterback: Bo Nix, Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson
Grade: C

As of now, we cannot grade the Denver Broncos QB room more than about average. Some may think that this grade is a bit high, but the Broncos do have some interesting pieces in here. Bo Nix is obviously the team's hopeful franchise QB, and has the skillset to play a long time in the NFL, especially in Sean Payton's offense.

Jarrett Stidham is the most stale and uninspiring player in the NFL, but he at least raises the floor of the QB room. Zach Wilson is a fun reclamation project that the Broncos are taking a chance on. For virtually no cost, there isn't a risk involved here. Wilson was a second overall pick for a reason, and it's clear that some in the Broncos organization think he might have something to him.

Running Back: Javonte Williams, Samaje Perine, Jaleel McLaughlin, Audric Estime
Grade: B+

The Denver Broncos rushing attack wasn't special last year, but I just have a feeling the unit is going to take a huge step forward in 2024, and if 2024 NFL Draft pick Audric Estime can be a viable RB in the NFL, this room is, as of now, four legitimate running backs deep. The Broncos may honestly have no choice but to keep four RBs on the active roster if they all show out this offseason.

And all four do have a chance to do that and bring varying skillsets to the offense. My guess is that one of these four is not on the active roster come Week 1. I would bet that it's Samaje Perine, but I can be wrong. On paper, though, this unit could wear down defenses and be a huge aid to Bo Nix's development.