George Paton already spilled the beans for Denver Broncos free agency

Oregon v Colorado
Oregon v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Denver Broncos' General Manager George Paton already gave away a good bit as it pertains to the team's coming free agency period. I think fans should be excited for what is coming with the Denver Broncos, as Paton is set to gear up for his third offseason as the GM and primary decision maker.

With Sean Payton now in the mix, the Broncos are likely going to not only be better coached but will likely take more calculated risks in free agency. For years in New Orleans, Payton and GM Mickey Loomis consistently fielded top teams.

This is evidenced by Payton's record in the regular season and his winning record in the playoffs. Hopefully, he can bring his expertise to Denver as he gave New Orleans. In an interview, Paton indicated that the Denver Broncos would be aggressive in free agency:

Well, he could not have been more black and white there. Literally saying that the team will be aggressive in free agency should not come as a surprise. Just think about it; the team does not have a first or second-round pick, and they really have no way to move up the draft boards this year into the first or second round.

And as many have said throughout the brief offseason thus far, the Broncos do have an avenue to create quite a bit more cap space. Right now, they have roughly $10 million in cap space, but can easily get themselves into the $40 million range if need be.

With primary needs on offense and some talented offensive free agents out there, expect the Pa(y)ton duo to be aggressive in trying to fill those needs and to perhaps maximize the time that they have left with Russell Wilson.

Taking risks in free agency is something that the Denver Broncos have already done, and expect George Paton to do it yet again.

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