3 free agents over 30 the Denver Broncos should sign in 2024

Among free agents who are 30 years old or older, who could make sense for the Denver Broncos?

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3. Jacoby Brissett, QB, turned 31 in December

The Denver Broncos can do better than Jarrett Stidham for their QB2/bridge QB position, and Jacoby Brissett is the correct answer here. Brissett has been both a full-time starter in the NFL and has backed up a young QB before, so he's got the perfect pedigree for his potential role in Denver. He's also a good QB and better than Stidham.

Across 48 career starts, Brissett has gone 18-30. Across his career, he's tossed 51 touchdowns against 23 interceptions for a respectable passer rating of 85.3. Over the last two years between the Browns and Commanders, he's thrown 15 touchdowns against six interceptions for a 92.6 passer rating.

Whether Denver would need Jacoby Brissett for half the season or just be a backup all year, he can do it. With 79 total games of experience and a solid passing career, there might not be a better bridge QB option than Brissett. According to spotrac.com, Brissett's 2023 contract was valued at $8 million this year, so he is getting paid handsomely for a backup QB role.

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And that is what a high-end backup QB costs in the NFL today. The Denver Broncos can cut Jarrett Stidham pretty easily this offseason and make the flip to Brissett.