1 free agent from each AFC playoff team Broncos could sign in 2024

While the Denver Broncos do need a pretty significant infusion of talent on their roster, a solid free agency and NFL draft season could have this team right in the playoff mix in 2024.

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No. 4 Houston Texans - Dalton Schultz, TE

It doesn't look like the Denver Broncos are going to get anything from Greg Dulcich. He had an encouraging rookie season, but last year and this year were limited because of nagging hamstring injuries. At this point, anything the Broncos get from Dulcich should be seen as a bonus. If Houston Texans TE Dalton Schultz hits the open market, Denver should jump on the chance to sign him.

Over the last four seasons, Schultz has caught 257 passes for 2,635 yards and 22 touchdowns. Uh, yes please! Adding a legitimate receiving threat at TE who has missed just four games over the last four seasons is precisely what this Broncos offense needs.

No. 5 Cleveland Browns - Jordan Elliott, DT

According to ESPN, Jordan Elliott was the seventh-best run-stopping DT during the 2023 NFL season. He was a pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and turns 27 during the 2024 NFL season. Elliott isn't going to offer much more than stopping the run, but there is proof of him doing it at an elite level this past season.

The Broncos should cut DJ Jones and totally re-work their defensive line. Adding some younger and quality talent like Jordan Elliott is a smart move.