Free agent do-overs for the Denver Broncos during the 2024 Offseason

Let's create some free agent do-overs for the Denver Broncos
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Broncos should have signed CBs Jeff Okudah and CJ Henderson

This might be one of my biggest personal gripes of the Broncos 2024 offseason. It's not that Jeff Okudah and CJ Henderson are some elite duo of cornerbacks, but both are young, former top-10 picks in the NFL Draft that simply could have used a change of scenery to get their careers back on track.

Well, somehow, the Houston Texans were able to sign both of these players, and honestly, that should have been Denver. With the Broncos taking a much more modest financial approach with their cap situation, signing Okudah and Henderson for pennies would have been a smart move.

These would have been a couple of reclamation projects that the Broncos could have taken on, and it's not like this team entered the 2024 NFL Offseason with a ton of certainty in the secondary. Denver signed veteran CB Levi Wallace and took Kris Abrams-Draine in the 2024 NFL Draft, so they did bring in some new faces.

But two of those new faces should have been Jeff Okudah and CJ Henderson.

Broncos should have signed TE Gerald Everett

Gerald Everett would have been a nice addition to the Denver Broncos TE room, which currently features Greg Dulcich, Adam Trautman, and Lucas Krull as the top three players. Not great. Everett isn't some world-beater by any means, but he's proven to be a consistent and modest producer at the position.

Across a 17-game season, Gerald Everett has averaged 45 receptions, 450 yards, and three touchdowns. Denver actually doesn't have anyone close to that type of production at the position. For whatever reason, the Broncos did not make a free agent move at TE.

Perhaps Sean Payton and the rest of the offensive coaching staff is expecting one of Dulcich or Krull to somehow take a huge leap in 2024, but to me, it's not likely. Dulcich has hardly played through two years, and Krull is an extremely developmental prospect.