Four first-time Pro Bowl candidates on the Broncos for the 2023 season

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Four first-time Pro Bowl candidates on the Broncos for the 2023 season

2. Jerry Jeudy, WR

Duh. Jerry Jeudy might have one of the most advantageous situations in front of him of any wide receiver in the NFL. He ended the 2022 season on a total hot streak, was remarkably consistent last year, and now gets to finally settle into a competent offense.

Jeudy dealt with poor QB play his first three years in the NFL, but still managed to put up moderately productive seasons in his first and third seasons. Sean Payton coming to town was and is perhaps the best thing that'll happen to him in his NFL career.

Couple that with the possibility that Russell Wilson bounces back, and it's clear to see why and how Jeudy can be great. He easily separated himself as the best pass catcher and offensive player on the Broncos last year.

He's now likely going to play a featured role in the offense, with Sean Payton himself already saying that Jeudy is going to be a big part of what they do. It's no surprise, either. His elite route running, ability to separate, and underrated speed make him a complete wide receiver. He's also got decent size, so jump balls aren't out of the question when those opportunities present themselves.

I'd expect Jerry Jeudy to top out around 1,100 yards in 2023, simply because I think Denver will have a lot of mouths to feed on offense, but I also firmly believe that he can make his first Pro Bowl in his age-24 season, paving the way for him to sign a contract extension next offseason.