Former NFL GM suggests worst Russell Wilson idea imaginable

Mike Tannenbaum makes an egregious suggestion for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
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Over the course of the 2024 NFL offseason. you're likely going to hear a lot of suggestions, ideas, and hypotheticals about Russell Wilson's future in the NFL, especially if that future doesn't include the Denver Broncos. But you're not likely to hear a worse idea than the one suggested by former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who now works with ESPN as an analyst.

Tannenbaum thinks Russell WIlson would be a "great fit" with the New York Jets, which he stated on an episode of the morning show Get Up on ESPN.

The rest of the panel can't even believe what they're hearing when the words come out of his mouth.

"Pay him a million dollars and let him resurrect his career."

Mike Tannenbaum

Tannenbaum defends his stance by giving an example of signing Vinny Testaverde late in his career, and also asking the rhetorical question of, "where else is he gonna go?" as if Wilson would have no other options than this.

Let's break down why this idea is so horrendous, and should have never made it to air.

First of all, he's suggesting that Russell Wilson take "a million bucks" and become someone's backup. But second of all, he's not just suggesting that he become anyone's backup, but the backup to Aaron Rodgers.

Third, he's saying Wilson should be the backup to Aaron Rodgers in New York, where Nathaniel Hackett is the head coach.

So, what other options could Russell Wilson have beyond going to New York, reuniting with Nathaniel Hackett, and being Aaron Rodgers' backup for the veteran minimum?

I think Wilson would rather do literally anything else, maybe even taking a year of from playing with his $39 million guaranteed from the Broncos. Take his chances in 2025.

This is just a ridiculous idea that is indefensible no matter what way you try to frame it or justify it.

Every Denver Broncos fan could get a laugh out of the idea of Russell Wilson reuniting with Nathaniel Hackett. Although it doesn't appear as though Sean Payton was giddy to work with Russell Wilson over the long term, even Payton came to Wilson's defense during last season as well as (now infamously) just before the start of the 2023 NFL season when he called the 2022 Broncos one of the worst coaching jobs in league history. It was truly an embarrassing time to be a Broncos fan, and the way Hackett and Wilson meshed together was sort of like trying to watch Michael Jordan succeed at baseball.

Even if Aaron Rodgers wasn't QB1 of the Jets, this idea would be ridiculous. There is simply no way we would see Wilson reuniting with Nathaniel Hackett, really under any circumstances. That was one-and-done and frankly, it was done before it ever got off the ground.


One of the primary reasons this idea is terrible, beyond the obvious, is that Russell Wilson really is running out of time to make a Hall of Fame bid. This offseason, he is going to have to seriously weigh what situation gives him the best shot at leaving that kind of legacy. Taking a job as a backup isn't going to cut it.

Certainly not in New York.

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