Former NFL All-Pro wide receiver incorrectly tries to bash Sean Payton

Swing and a miss here from Roddy White.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took to X to try and bash Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton, and White ended up embarrassing himself. It's actually a bit surprising that former players can be so wrong about their respective sports. Well, Roddy White, a former stud wide receiver in the NFL, could not be more wrong about Sean Payton:

First off, he spelled Sean Payton's last name wrong, so there's strike one. Secondly, White obviously is talking about Drew Brees when he mentions Drew, saying that the future Hall of Fame QB carried Sean Payton. Well, I think the numbers say otherwise. From the 2001-2005 seasons, Drew Brees was the QB of the San Diego Chargers.

During that time, he earned a 30-28 record and threw for 80 touchdowns, 53 interceptions, and earned a passer rating of 84.9. Brees completed 62.2% of his passes, had a touchdown percentage of 4.4%, had an interception percentage of 2.9%, and threw for just 209.3 yards per game.

From 2006-2020, when he was with Sean Payton in New Orleans, Brees earned a 142-86 record, throwing for 491 touchdowns, 190 interceptions, earned a 101.5 passer rating, and threw for 298.3 yards per game. He also had a higher touchdown percentage and lower interception percentage during this stretch with Payton. Wherever you look, Drew Brees was objectively a better QB during his time with Sean Payton.

And there really is nothing to latch onto to say that Sean Payton was carried by Drew Brees. So, there's strike two.

White also said "... he ain't won nothing since," which is insanely unfair, as Payton has only been a head coach in the NFL for two years without Drew Brees. In the first year, 2021, the Saints jumped out to a 5-2 start with Jameis Winston playing elite football. Winston went down with a torn ACL, ending what was shaping up to be a strong season. Who knows what the Saints would have won, and the team managed to still finish 9-8.

And the second year was 2023 with the Denver Broncos, taking the team from a 5-12 record to an 8-9 record in his first season. Payton's coaching clearly paid off, as the Broncos were simply not as embarrassing of a football team. They were more disciplined, more efficient, and overall a better team than they were in 2022 under Nathaniel Hackett.

Roddy White is just talking out of his rear end here.

And that's strike three.