5 former Broncos who are still having trouble finding jobs

These players were with the Denver Broncos last season but remain on the free-agent market looking for their next chance.

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Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos
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Justin Simmons, Safety

The most shocking news of this offseason for the Broncos was the team's decision to move on from long-time safety Justin Simmons, who is still wondering where his career will continue.

The Broncos needed to clear cap space and releasing Simmons gave them an additional $14.5 million in that area, so from a business standpoint, the move made sense. But unlike the other players on this list, there is no question about how Simmons' skills compare to other players in the league. He still has the talent to be a top-5 safety, even at 30 years old.

He will be signed by a team. He may just be mulling over his options and putting out feelers for teams that could be interested. Simmons has never played in a postseason game, so he will likely want to go to a team where there is a chance for him to do that.


It is surprising that he hasn't been inked to a new deal yet, but that could be for numerous reasons. After eight years with the Broncos, he is going to want to find that perfect situation for himself and his family. That could take some time.