5 former Broncos who are still having trouble finding jobs

These players were with the Denver Broncos last season but remain on the free-agent market looking for their next chance.

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Some players never get that next chance. For many players, this is just how it ends. In other cases, teams will sign these players later in the summer when they realize a position is not quite as deep as they need it to be or to replace a player that has already gone down with injury.

Looking back at last year's Broncos roster, there are still a handful of players looking for their next opportunity. You will notice that all of these players are hovering around the 30 years of age mark or have already crossed it. That is generally the age range where many players start to show a major dropoff.

Will any of these guys get another chance? Could the Broncos still bring them back at some point? Let's take a look at who is still out there.

Former Broncos who are still having trouble finding jobs

Mike Purcell, Denver Broncos
Dec 10, 2023; Inglewood, California, USA; Denver Broncos defensive lineman Mike Purcell (98) during a game against the Chargers. / Yannick Peterhans-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Purcell, Defensive Lineman

Mike Purcell is a player who has hung around in Denver longer than he probably should have due to depth issues along the defensive line but even with that still being an issue, the Broncos have been in no rush to bring him back this offseason.

Purcell, who has spent the past five seasons in Denver, was originally a player Vic Fangio liked to plug into his defense. But he took a notable dropoff in 2023, registering just 25 tackles and no sacks on the season.

Purcell will turn 33 years old in April and is really nothing more than a rotational backup on the back end of a roster at this point. Teams will be looking at younger options first and after the draft takes place, if a team still lacks the proper depth at defensive line, that is when Purcell could get another shot. It's possible that could happen for him in Denver but the team likely wants to find an upgrade this offseason.