Former Broncos Pro Bowl pass rusher has disappeared on his new team

Bradley Chubb has been quite unproductive since being traded away from the Denver Broncos in 2022.

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos traded Bradley Chubb to the Miami Dolphins during the 2022 NFL season, and since arriving in Miami, Chubb has been nonexistent. I know I recently wrote an article on how I think George Paton is on the hot seat, but this move here seems to be one of his stronger ones. During the trade deadline, the Broncos sent a former first-round draft pick, Bradley Chubb, to the Miami Dolphins.

Somehow, Denver was able to get a first-round pick back for Chubb. There were other players and picks wrapped in this deal, but the first-rounder was the framework of it. The Dolphins then signed Chubb to an extension worth over $100 million, so the Dolphins have a ton invested in this player. The problem for the Dolphins, though, is that Bradley Chubb kind of stinks now.

Check out this statistic that comes from PFF on Chubb since being traded to the Dolphins:

Folks, that is not good.

Bradley Chubb is simply not winning his pass-rushing snaps over the last half-season, and he's been a virtual non-factor for the Dolphins, it seems. Chubb has played nine games for the Dolphins so far, and in those nine games, he's put up the following numbers:

2.5 sacks, 17 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 12 QB hits.

Bradley Chubb is really playing like a rotational pass rusher so far in his tenure as a Dolphin. If we took these numbers over nine games and extrapolated them over a 17-game season, this is what we'd get for Bradley Chubb:

4.5 sacks, 32 total tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 23 QB hits. I mean really, this is very, very pedestrian production for someone who is being paid like one of the 10 best pass rushers in the NFL. And to make matters more interesting, Chubb is again playing in a defense coached by Vic Fangio, so I am very interested to see if he is able to increase his production.

During Chubb's first stint playing for Fangio, this is what he did per 17 games:


6 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, 20 QB hits. So, still not great production, but it's definitely a lot better than what he's put up with them so far. And to make matters even better for the Denver Broncos; the Broncos used that first-round pick as the primary pick to land Sean Payton.

Sean Payton cost the Denver Broncos Bradley Chubb and a second-round pick. To me, that is a very good deal for Denver, so George Paton deserves credit for this.

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