Former Broncos head coach gets absolutely blasted by Dolphins star safety

Vic Fangio continues to not be overly well-liked
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Vic Fangio is certainly not for everybody in terms of his personality. Fangio is as old-school as they come. He's blunt. He tells it how it is. And he's not always unanimously liked by his players as a result.

Fangio spent the 2022 season out of football after he was let go by the Denver Broncos, who were trying desperately to sign Aaron Rodgers in the 2022 offseason. The Broncos attempted to do exactly what the New York Jets successfully did last year to lure Rodgers to the Mile High City, but it didn't work and they were probably having some buyer's remorse.

Fangio got his first (and only) NFL head coaching gig in Denver and it's likely that his ability to relate to players is a major reason why Fangio spent nearly 40 years coaching in the NFL before he got a head coaching gig, considering how awesome he is as a defensive coordinator and innovative play-caller.

The latest example of players not exactly having the most glowing reviews of Fangio comes from Miami Dolphins safety Jevon Holland, one of the top young safeties in the NFL. Holland talked about the "complete 180" from Vic Fangio to new defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver.

Holland absolutely puts Vic Fangio on blast here by saying that the big difference with Anthony Weaver is that he's a "good person". Ouch.

Again, nobody was ever trying to argue that Vic Fangio was misunderstood. He comes across at times very curmudgeon-like and you can only imagine what working with him every day is like. The fact of the matter is, most everywhere he's gone, Fangio has gotten outstanding results. He's the architect of the two-high shell defense that many NFL teams are utilizing today, and despite his old-school nature, he's consistently been at the forefront of adapting to and shutting down modern NFL offenses.

That's why he was so coveted last offseason, and it's why the Philadelphia Eagles poached him away from the Miami Dolphins to come and fix one of the NFL's worst and most disappointing defenses from a season ago.

I'm sure we can all expect a little more of this from Fangio's players with the Philadelphia Eagles at some point down the line. But it would be shocking if he didn't get results out of that group.